Sasser Worm is in the wild

As reported last month on Patch Tuesday (4/13), the sheer number of patches released by Microsoft on that day boded poorly for those who did not patch their systems as soon as possible. We suspected that hackers and script kiddies would be quick to pounce on these vulnerabilities, knowing that not everyone would be protected. Rudi Larno has a BLog entry on the Sasser Worm (W32.Sasser.Worm), with links to some of what it's already done, and a few things you can do to protect your system (if it's not too late) while you go get and apply the patches.

Michael Howard reports why Windows Server 2003 is not affected. Isn't it time you considered upgrading your servers?

Jonathan Hardwick reports where to get a Sasser removal tool, among other things, including the official Microsoft incident page for Sasser.

Tristan K. explanation of how to block port 445 using IPSec policies.

Bob Baker

posted @ Monday, May 3, 2004 7:05 PM



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