Free File Hash Check Utility Available

When Microsoft began its deluge of downloads available for Partners back in mid-November, I was using up all of my bandwidth allocation, and probably some of yours . Occasionally, I got a bad download, and so I figured I might want to put all of the MD-5 and File Hashes published on the download pages to the test. So I wrote a little File Hash Check utility, called appropriately, FileHashChk. Verify your downloads against published binary values and know that a file has not been tampered with.

FileHashChk not only does the job of verifying File Hashes via drag and drop or browsing to the file to be tested, but also works on Windows Vista. Your mileage may vary on Vista, as it may challenge you with the User Account Control dialog at some point, and regardless, you'll need to conform to Microsoft ClickOnce settings if you choose that route (Trusted site, accept install from Unknown Publisher, etc.). You can grab the bits either via a ClickOnce page here, or just download the Windows Installer version here. I welcome your comments. I hope you find it useful.

One of my goals for 2007 is to get an Authenticode certificate from VeriSign or Thawte, so that my clients and visitors can know that what they download from MicroApplications, Inc. really came from yours truly.

Bob Baker


posted @ Thursday, January 18, 2007 2:39 AM



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