Are you ready for Daylight Savings Time Changes?

As almost everyone knows by now, Daylight Savings Time is changing this year due to an Act of Congress (what else would it take?). If you allow Windows Automatic Updates on your client and server systems, you should be alright and ready for the changes. Exchange Server is the biggest challenge facing us all, and there are some specific steps you'll need to take to accomplish syncing up your Exchange Server and Outlook clients.

I sat in on a webcast last week, and have a few tidbits that may or may not be apparent from simply going to the Microsoft Daylight Savings Time site.

For information on the impacts on SBS2003, go here.

There will be no Outlook 2000 Patch, see this link.

DST2007 hotfixes for products in Extended Support (Win2k/Exchange2k) cost $4,000 total. One fee gets all DST2007 hotfixes for products in Extended Support

Windows NT4 requires a manual fix. See this link.

For Windows 2000, see Knowledge Base Article KB914387.

An update is coming for MS CRM 3.0; see this link.

The Exchange update tool processes about 2-3 mailboxes per minute. Plan ahead!

For MS SQL SERVER 2000, see Knowledge Base Article KB 931975.

Hope this helps you make the change painlessly.

Bob Baker

posted @ Wednesday, March 7, 2007 1:29 PM



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